Time For Chunky Flats

flatformsTo update your wardrobe for the coming warm (we hope) weather, the new item to purchase is the flat sportswear inspired sandal.  Seen with every imaginable look at Céline this spring, it’s an incredibly modern wardrobe update which will instantly freshen up anything you throw on.  For those who don’t slavishly follow fashion, the shoe is best described as is a kind of sensible flat sandal with a modern chunky sole, a kind of hipster take on the classic Birkenstock.

Every major fashion house has a pair this season and we think they look best in either classic black or a gorgeous metallic.  Marni, Lanvin, Givenchy, Balenciaga and Céline all have excellent versions. For a low-cost high fashion look we love Zara’s black strap sandals ($59) and their metallic Bio Sandal ($89) both so perfectly on trend without breaking the bank.

Shoes at top Céline , shoes below:
Marni Metallic Leather Bow Sandal ($695)
Zara Bio Sandal ($89)
Givenchy Floral Print Napa Leather ($795)
Lanvin Gold Wood Sole Sandal ($790)




  1. I like the wood and gold pair! Slick.

  2. Amazing post as usual. I’ve been listing after the Givenchy floral print for awhile now. These sandals are that plus the elusive black-on-black Birkenstock combo (no longer made now). Setting my heart a flutter, but just can’t justify spending that on sandals…le sigh.

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