New York Fashion Week – Street Style At Jeremy Scott

DSC_7912Some of our favorite people to photograph during fashion week are the crowds attending the Jeremy Scott show.  Scott, who many may know for his wild and wonderful creations for Adidas, has an almost cult following within the fashion industry. He always designs a Longchamp bag (above) for each collection and gives it out to those attending his show.

Today marks the last day of New York fashion week.  With London fashion week kicking off today, most of the fashion crowd head to the airport today to carry on the global fashion whirlwind in London, Milan and finally Paris.DSC_7688DSC_7748DSC_7740DSC_7803DSC_7900DSC_7715DSC_7783DSC_7751DSC_7770DSC_7831DSC_7851DSC_7871DSC_7780DSC_7758DSC_7842



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