Gladstone Gallery’s Giant Dusty Works

DSC_8590Belgian artist Peter Buggenhout’s new show at Gladstone Gallery is an epic installation.  Created using old building and industrial materials and garbage, nearly every part of the works are blanketed in a layer of dust. The artist’s intention is to turn raw materials in to something completely different from what they were originally intended for.

The sculptures are covered in dust, a material Buggenhout feels is devoid of meaning but which has the ability to change an object’s meaning.  Gladstone Gallery’s enormous space, with its soaring ceilings and minimalist quiet environment is the perfect home for Buggenhout’s enormous, thought-provoking sculptures.

Peter Buggenhout. Caterpillar Logic II. Gladstone Gallery. 530 West 21st Street.  New York. NY 10011. Closes 19 April, 2014



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