We LIKE It First – Alyson Eastman

DSC_8779We first met Alyson Eastman at Warm, one of our favorite New York boutiques.  She fits in perfectly there, not only because she has an impeccable sense of style, but because her laid back attitude makes her instantly recognizable as one of those super cool Downtown girls.  This fall Alyson debuts her very own line, Alyson Eastman (which will be sold at Warm) and we sat down with her to discuss.


WWL:  Where did you grow up?

AE: I grew up in Portland, Oregon on a farm.  It was amazing, my mom was a huge animal lover so I was surrounded by animals.  I had a pet goat, a dog and spent a lot of time riding my horse and best of all, playing with Jeff my pet Llama.  I live in Gramercy now, a neighborhood I love, but I’m always so happy when I go back to Portland to the farm to visit my parents.


WWL: How did you go from Portland to launching your own line in New York?

AE: I went to college in Los Angeles where I studied fashion design at LA Design School.  While studying in LA I took a design study trip to Paris and literally fell in love with the city.  As soon as I graduated school, I picked up and moved to Paris where I studied design and French for the next two years.


WWL: What would you say the major influences for your line are?

AE:  Without a doubt Paris was on my mind when I designed the line.   There’s just something about Paris that put the finishing touches on my design style.  I feel like my collection has the urban laid back nature of Los Angeles but with style sensibilities picked up from my years in Paris.


cafecoleurWWL: What music did you listen to when you were designing the line?

AE: Serge Gainsbourg!  I listened to his album Couleur Cafe. I discovered it when I lived in Paris and listening to it always transports me back.

WWL:  What do you love the most about your first collection?

AE: I’m very proud that everything is made right here in NYC as that was very important to me.  I also love that I was able to use a print that I designed from a doodle.  I was sitting on the train from Paris to London and sketched a design that I really loved, I had that turned in to my very own unique print.


WWL: Where do you like to hang out in NYC?

AE: Living and working Downtown, I love the Upper East Side. I like going to The Met, Central Park and hanging out at Cafe Sabarsky on 5th Avenue.




  1. very nice post!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yahoo for Aly !!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where can we buy it? It is so stylish and sophisticated.

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