The Stone Set

Sarah_Hendler_05-1200x515We’re excited to announce that today we have a column on The Stone Set, offering tips on how to style your jewelry.  The Stone Set is a new jewelry editorial website that takes you behind the scenes with iconic jewelers, collectors, brands and stores.  The two founders, Jenna Fain and Emerald Carroll, love jewelry and adornment and couldn’t find a site that celebrated the personal stories and creative process behind it, so they created it.

We’ve spent hours pouring over the site getting inside looks at exceptional jewelry collections by people like Nicole Ritchie and Crystal Renn as well as getting to peak in the vaults of world-famous jewelry houses.  You can even see the WhatWeLike jewelry collection as our very own Dorenna Newton was recently profiled.

Nicole_Richie_4-1200x515 (1)Nicole_Richie_6anouk_colantoni_03-1200x515Nicole_Richie_7-1200x515MelanieGG_1-1200x515

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  1. We are so lucky to have you! ❤

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