The Unforgettable Faces of Marko Velk



On a recent visit to the Bushwick studio of Parisian artist Marko Velk, we felt like we had entered another world.  We became fascinated with Marko’s work after seeing his exceptional etherial sketches in gallery shows then recently in Isabel Marant’s Spring/Summer 2014 film.

Working entirely with charcoal, Marko creates haunting and thoughtful imagery in every piece he produces.  Touring his studio, it blew our minds that he was able to create works, that in many cases seemed almost multidimensional, all out of the simple medium of charcoal.

A fairly recent transplant from Paris, Marko moved to New York to live and work three years ago with his gorgeous wife, model Missy Rayder. His training in fine arts in Paris and exceptional drawing skills are beautifully coupled with an absorbed European history.  His art is rich in iconography, knights, battles, swords and ancient peoples but it was the beautiful faces, often haunted, sometimes deep in thought, that stayed with us long after we’d left his Bushwick studio and returned to Manhattan.









  1. Wow, how captivating! Interesting works…

  2. That is really amazing art.

  3. A bit creepy, but so cool and intriguing…

  4. Brilliant!

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