Birkenstocks Are Back With A Shiny Bang

katemossAnyone who remembers the 90s, remembers that Birkenstocks were the cool footwear of choice. There’s been a lot of time since then and New Yorkers, thanks in no small part to Carrie Bradshaw, spent most of the last decade prancing around the streets in the highest shoes we could find. We are almost thrilled to report (for comforts sake of course) that Birkenstocks are back with a huge bang this summer.

When choosing Birkenstocks you have to be so careful to find a pair that looks stylish and not frumpy.  We found the perfect pair, a special collaboration Birkenstock has done with J Crew.  They’ve created the classic two strap sandal but in a metallic silver so bright and shiny, it’s impossible to look anything but fabulous in these.

J.Crew. 91 5th Avenue at 17th Street. New York. NY. Tel: 212 255 4848





  1. Oh I always loved these.

  2. Do I need these? Did you really buy?

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