We LIKE It First – Heather Taylor, Houseware Designer

get-attachment-2Heather Taylor is an incredible housewares designer who specializes in creating the kind of hand-made table linens that make us swoon.  Based out of Los Angeles, Heather Taylor Home is a line of textiles and linens inspired by Heather’s love of travel and by the traditional textiles she has discovered on the way. She is also the creative force behind the beautifully curated Los Angeles lifestyle blog L.A. in Bloom. With her impeccable taste and love of entertaining, we asked Heather for the lowdown on her secrets to great entertaining.

Heather Taylor On Entertaining



WWL: What elements make a perfect dinner party?

HT: Best friends, low lights, flowers everywhere, a good cocktail, a perpetually full wine glass and interesting, delicious food. And most importantly a mellow, chilled-out host.


WWL: What do you like to serve when you have friends over? What’s your signature drink?

HT: I love having a special cocktail to greet people with. Recently I’m loving an Aperol Spritz but my all time favorite has to be a margarita. I’ll grab citrus from my backyard and make something really refreshing. Once everyone has settled in, we’ll transition to wine or champagne. For food, I like to make something homey yet exciting. Butternut Squash lasagne in the fall or maybe tacos or pizza in the summer.

get-attachment-20WWL: What is your current playlist for home entertaining?

HT:My sister is my music guru and she makes me the best playlists. The one I’m currently loving includes Beach Boys, Coldplay, Bjork, Feist, Drake, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Common, Kate Bush, Paul Simon, Radiohead and The Postal Service. It’s perfect for a cozy Sunday night. When in doubt I go for the Django Reinhardt Pandora station.

get-attachment-19WWL: You create gorgeous linens. What’s your process for setting the table?

HT: I’m usually inspired by whatever flowers are in my garden or if I have a big bowl of citrus in the middle of the table. I like to build from the center out.

get-attachment-12WWL: What was the inspiration behind you starting your line?

 HT: I’ve been knitting and weaving for years and have always appreciated a beautiful textile. I also love entertaining and setting a beautiful table but I couldn’t find linens I loved without traveling to some far flung locale. I decided that I would start my own line, using inspiration from traditional textiles I have collected on my travels.

get-attachment-17WWL: What do you always have on your dining table?

 HT: Lots of fresh flowers and one of my embroidered table runners.


 WWL: Are you one of those people that have gorgeous linen hand towels in your bathroom? (We always find that wildly impressive.)

 HT: I like to have turkish hand towels in the bathroom. It feels just elegant enough.

get-attachment-15WWL: Do you collect anything?

 HT: I do! I collect textiles, ceramic vases and books. All items that add depth and layers of meaning to any room. I guess I also collect yarn (hard for me to resist) and beautiful bottles of tequila (for all those margaritas).


 WWL: Who would be your perfect dinner party guests from now or any period in time?

 HT: My best friends and family. I can’t imagine a cozier group!


Heather Taylor Home.  Available online and at some of our favorite New York stores,  The Primary Essentials and Claire Vivier New York.


  1. I LOVE this feature, and I LOVE Heather Taylor! She makes home entertaining seem so chic and easy. I use my linens from her all the time. Great piece.

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