The Unveiling Of The Met’s Roof Garden

DSC_1114We think the roof at The Met is one of the most magical spots in Central Park.  Situated just above the tree tops, it’s almost like you are floating above the park.  The latest art commission on the roof garden of The Met opens today and it’s fitting that New York based artist Dan Graham would collaborate with legendary landscape artist Günther Vogt to create an installation that truly feels like it’s part of Central Park.

The installation is comprised of a glass and steel “pavilion” inspired by the pavilions built in European parks centuries ago.  Constructed of planted hedgerows and curves of two-way mirrored glass, the pavilion is both transparent and reflective at the same time.  Every last detail of the rooftop landscape was carefully thought out, including the amazing man-made grass, so lush and soft, it felt real.

The Roof Garden Commission: Dan Graham with Günther Vogt. April 29-November, 2014. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1,000 5th Avenue NY, NY. Tel: 212 535 7710



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