An Artistinal Drink In DUMBO

MouthSpiritsGalleryWhiskeyDetail2Is there anything more tempting than a cocktail created with ingredients like small batch tonic from the South or an all natural ginger beer syrup? The people behind indy-food e-tailer Mouth think so and have now made these kind of dreamy ingredients available with the opening of a Mouth liquor store in DUMBO.  Bringing New York all things artisanal and independently crafted, Mouth’s new store is approaching wine and spirits with the same small batch, artisanal attitude that have made them such a success on the indie food scene.

They carry wines from small and impressive producers like Channing Daughters on Long Island and Dirty & Rowdy, a small family owned winery in California. There’s a vast selection of liquors from artisanal whiskeys to unique vodkas and even moonshine, which we’ve decided might be the coolest hostess gift imaginable this summer.

All the products are available online, with the added benefit of lots of creative cocktail recipes to inspire whatever you’re in the mood for this summer.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 4.36.07 PM

We asked Mouth’s founder Craig Kanarick what he likes best about Dumbo, the neighborhood where Mouth is based, and he gave us his own mini-guide.



Brooklyn Roasting Company.
Everyone needs a favorite coffee shop in their ‘hood and BRC is a great one. The light is great, the rustic, slightly messy vibe is just perfect. It’s noisy at times, but that’s because the roasting and the canning is done right there on site. And it’s close to the water.

25 Jay Street. Dumbo. Brooklyn.NY. 11201. Tel: (718) 855-1000

Jane’s Carousel
 Not much to say about this, other than it is beautiful and carousels are fun at any age. The view of Manhattan is fantastic.

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Dock Street. Brooklyn.NY. 11201. Tel: (718) 222 2502

This Japanese book/design store opened in Soho back when I was at Razorfish and was the first store to sell the first book I published, a book by artist Ryan McGinness. Now, almost 20 years later, I’m in DUMBO and so is his store. A great destination for gifts.

155 Plymouth Street. Brooklyn. NY. 11201. Tel: (718) 801 8037


Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 4.34.00 PM
Mouth. 192 Water Street. Brooklyn. 11201. Tel: 347 277 7007



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