Champagne Charlie Pops Up In Chelsea

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.12.36 AMChampagne Charlie is a wildly glamorous pop up restaurant that quietly opened in Chelsea last week. Situated in the very European looking front garden of the Highline Hotel on Tenth Avenue, the restaurant is the creation of Australian restaurateur Lincoln Pilcher.  From Moby Dick’s in Montauk to Gilligan’s at the Soho Grand, Pilcher’s pop-up restaurants bring a sense that you’ve been transported somewhere beachy (in this case the South of France) and an instant fabulous crowd.

As the name implies, Champagne Charlie has buckets of Veuve Clicquot on ice and serves light fare like oysters, pasta dishes, burgers and salads.  Seating is all al fresco in the hotel’s front garden and for those of us stuck in the City in the soaring heat, a night at Champagne Charlie’s will at least give the feeling that we’ve escaped somewhere, albeit just to Chelsea, for a glamorous night under the stars.

Champagne Charlies at the Highline Hotel. Open 5pm-10pm.  No Reservations. 180 10th Avenue. New York. 10011

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