Clyde’s Essential Summer Straw Hats

summerstrawhatA great hat in summer is essential, as is finding one that suits you.  This summer all the cool girls in New York will be throwing on a hat by Clyde. Designed by former Canadian model Dani Griffiths in Downtown New York, Clyde hats manage to have that perfect balance of keeping the sun firmly off your face while looking fabulous at the same time. The Wide Brimmed Gambler Hat (above right) is a great go-anywhere hat, the large brim covers your face and with its sleek design you’ll look perfectly put together whenever you wear it.  The Ocular Straw Hat (above left) could do double duty from poolside to party with its smart black pattern and modern design.

The vast range of styles in the collection offers something to suit everyone. They’re carried at many of our favorite New York stores including Marlow Goods, Beautiful Dreamers and Primary Essentials.





  1. I prefer Tracy Watts hats (Brooklyn), but the bottom right hat is lovely. 🙂

  2. OK, it’s official. Maybe this non-hat wearer can be converted…let’s go on a hat shopping expedition!

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