Men’s Shorts Go Short

DSC_0190This summer we’ve noticed that the entire shape of mens shorts has changed.  They’re slimmer cut, more tailored and considerably shorter than seasons past. The cool Danish brand Norse Projects, much admired by the New York hipster/surfer crowd, have the latest shorter length Brunno Poplin short which also comes in a longer length for those not brave enough to try the new look.

Battenwear is another hip surf brand whose Floral Golf Shorts (which we can’t imagine being acceptable on any golf course) are short, floral and made in the USA.   Saturday’s Surf, the uber cool New York surf brand have a vast selection including swim shorts in the new shorter length (pictured below). J.Crew has the 7″ Stanton Short, a short and slim cut,available in every color imaginable. For a guy with great legs who isn’t afraid to show them, the shorter short is here to stay.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 6.58.59 AM






  1. theourproject says:

    The short shorts for men are such a good way to make the man able to show a different side. I am comfortable with who I am and confident look. Thumbs Up!

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