Gigi Burris’ Lower East Side

gigi burris whatwelikeMilliner Gigi Burris creates luxurious hats and covetable headwear all by hand in her Lower East Side atelier. Trained at both Parson’s in New York as well as in Paris, Gigi makes the kind of hats that make us swoon.  From super high-fashion pieces to beautifully made Downtown cool-girl summer hats, Gigi is inspired to keep alive the fine art of hat making by using only the most exquisite materials and couture craftsmanship.  

As well as having a cult following within the fashion industry, Gigi’s hats have been worn by some of the most stylish celebrities today including Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Living and working on the Lower East Side, one of New York’s hippest neighborhoods, we asked Gigi to share with us her favorite Lower East Side Neighborhood spots.

gigi burris

Il Laboratorio Del Gelato


This is one of my favorite spots to cool down in the summer with gelato in the most interesting and fresh flavors.  A personal favorite is the  blueberry and honey lavender.  The place is very clinical feeling, which I think makes it very Margiela in spirit.
Il Laboratorio Del Gelato. 188 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002. Tel: 212 343 3922



El Rey


This is the most charming coffee shop / bar on the Lower East Side.  The strong iced coffee and sesame banana cake are just one my excuses to hold almost every morning meeting I take at this place.  They serve fantastic wines in the later part of the day, so evening gatherings are just as fun!
El Rey. 100 Stanton Street. 10002. Tel: 212 260 3950




Mission Mexican


I’m mourning the temporary closing of Mission Chinese, but have managed to find solace in the incredible Mexican concoctions of Danny Bowien at Mission Cantina.  A highlight – the Spicy Chicken Wings!
Mission Cantina. 172 Orchard Street. 10002. Tel: 212 254 2233



Essex Market


This old-school grocery market is the best for inexpensive fresh produce, cheese from Saxelbys or Heritage Ham from the butcher.  It’s a great place to wander around and remember a former glory of the Lower East Side.
Essex Market. 120 Essex Street. 10002. Tel: 212 312 3603


gigi burris hat


  1. I love Gigi’s hats. They seem so bold and dramatic yet still accessible. I never thought I could rock a hat until seeing hers…

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