Christopher Williams At MoMA

wilch0093Christopher Williams, a revered American conceptual artist, has his first ever New York retrospective open this week at MoMA.  Williams work, which focuses mainly on photography, spans more than 35 years.

The show includes his early super 8 films as well as his photographic series Die Welt ist schön (The World Is Beautiful) which the artist describes as his “essay on modernisation”. The series includes subjects like a Japanese model with Western style hair and make-up and a tropical beach in Cuba which is maintained just for tourists.

His recent work is well represented too, with many photographs which at first glance look like glossy advertisements, but on closer inspection contain at least one deliberate imperfection. We enjoyed finding the imperfections, like in the photo below of the girl putting on the red sock (Untitled Study In Red) whose perfect foot includes a very human blister on her heel.

Christopher Williams. The Production Line Of Happiness. MoMA. July 27th – November 2nd. 2014
wilch0327wilch0333wilch0312Images all Christopher Williams from top:
Kodak Three Point Reflection Guide / © 1968, Eastman Kodak Company, 1968
Bergische Bauernscheune, Junkersholz / Leichlingen, September 29th, 2009. 2010.
Weimar Lux CDS, VEB Feingerätewerk Weimar / Price 86.50 Mark GDR / Filmempfindlichkeitsbereich 9 bis 45 DIN und 6 bis 25000 ASA / Blendenskala 0,5 bis 45, Zeitskala 1/4000 Sekunde bis 8 Stunden, ca. 1980
Untitled (Study in Red) / Dirk Schaper Studio, Berlin / April 30, 2009. 2009

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