Summer Friday’s: Sir Kensington’s Scott And Mark

Mark and Scott


We have to admit to being slightly obsessed with Sir Kensington’s.  No it’s not a new restaurant or a hot young artist, but rather a line of ketchups and condiments that have become the only bottles to have on your table this summer.
In 2008 when Scott Norton and Mark Ramadan were seniors at Brown University, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a New Yorker story on the impossibility of competing with Heinz ketchup.  The pair, who had never really cooked anything, decided to take on that challenge and judging by the plethora of foodie restaurants in New York and national supermarket chains like Wholefoods, (who even serve it in bulk in their cafes) they have achieved their goal.  We asked Sir Kensington’s founders, Scott and Mark, to share their summer weekend plans for the latest installment of our Summer Friday’s feature.


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Summer Friday’s: Scott Norton


  • ESCAPE- Where are you traveling to?

This weekend I’m headed to Martha’s Vineyard to visit friends, head to the beach, and do some bike riding.




  • PLAYLIST – What will you be listening to?

I’ve recently been into the Fixtape series by the LA based bicycle company Solé.  Great summer disco and electro-pop vibes.




  • MENU – What will you be cooking or eating?

One of my favorite things to cook and eat with a big group of people is pizza.  My girlfriend and I have a highly unconventional method of making dough that involves a rolling-pin. They’re thin, so you can cook them in a normal oven that only reaches 500°, and we have a couple of crowd-pleasers we like to make, such as our “American Breakfast” with thinly sliced fingerling potatoes, bacon, and a fried egg on top as well as the “Bee Sting,” a honey, goat cheese, and chili oil pizza borrowed from the Roberta’s menu.


bee sting pizza


  • READING – What are you planning to read?

Typically the Kindle spoils with choice. But currently I’m catching up on National Geographic and three issues of The Economist that arrived at my apartment when I was out of town.




  • LOOK – What will you be wearing?

As far as summer essentials, I have a pair of Saturdays Surf board shorts that my friend customized by sewing in parts of an American flag from a sailboat.  Those, and a pair of  crap sunglasses have served me well.




Summer Friday’s: Mark Ramadan


  •  ESCAPE – Where are you traveling to?

 To the North Fork of Long Island, where I’m very much looking forward to vineyard tours and eating fresh seafood.




  • PLAYLIST – What will you be listening to?

I’ve been listening to a lot of minimalist electro recently, in particular Dawn of Midi.





  • MENU – What are you looking forward to cooking or eating?

 Any meal that doesn’t include fish tacos and guacamole may as well not be a meal.




  • READING – What do you hope to read?

I’m reading Bill Bryson’s book “At Home” – it’s a fascinating history of everyday things in the home you never really think about.



rag and bone briefcase


  • LOOK – What will you wear or what do you always like to take with you?

I always have my Rag & Bone Briefcase with me – it fits just the right amount for a weekend away as well as a day at work.










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