Old Blue Eyes Is Back

Badgley-Mischka_14SB034-vogue-29jan14-james-cochrane_b_592x888 (1)Blue eye make up has so many negative connotations, not least the memory of bad 80s disco and childhood exploits in your mothers make up kit. Designers sent models down runways last season with fantastic blue eye make up which we adored but to be honest, find a little scary to embrace for everyday wear.

Grabbing a late breakfast recently at the yummy West Village eatery, Cafe Cluny, we became slightly obsessed with the eye make up of our super cool server Camille.  An Australian who just moved here at the beginning of winter (can you imagine!) her style was fabulous and we had to ask her about her eye make up.

With her beautiful clear skin and a very natural lip, Camille had applied Dior Mascara in Azure Blue number 258.  Next she applied a perfect line of glitter on her upper lid using Sephora’s own brand liquid eyeliner in Silver. Despite the fact that she was wearing blue mascara and glitter eyeliner at 10am on a Thursday, her look was surprisingly natural and we think a total winner for a fresh and totally modern look. As soon as we left the cafe we ran to Sephora to buy the exact colors she’d used!SYarhi_cafecluny_beauty-8464DSC_8033SYarhi_cafecluny_beauty-8471

Photo Credit: Top Image courtesy James Cochrane, Vogue UK

A Perfect Gloss For Black Friday

blackfridayObsessive Compulsive Cosmetics debuted a fabulous new lip gloss today in celebration of Black Friday.  Called “Little Black Dress” this stained gloss imparts a high-impact shine with subtle lip definition.  Despite its dark black hue, it’s surprisingly neutral and easy to wear and the little tinge of black imparts an incredibly modern shine.

Vegan and Cruelty free, make-up artist David Klasfeld’s Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics on the Lower East Side is full of innovative make-up to freshen up your face with a cool modern twist.

Little Black Dress. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics174 Ludlow Street. New York. 10002. Tel: 212 675 2404



Blades Of Nature

Blades-0339_LRCaron Callahan (above left) recently hosted a a gorgeous party at the Wythe Hotel to mark the launch of Jessa Blade’s (above right) natural beauty site  Guests sampled the products while sipping on delicious natural cocktails created by Art In The Age made using yummy seasonal ingredients like sage and rhubarb.

Jessa is a New York based make-up artist whose years in the fashion trenches made her realize how important it is to use chemical free, natural products that are truly good for your skin. The online store is a place where you can trust that the product has been put through thorough testing and high standards by Jessa on shoots and in her personal life.  Everything is beautifully packaged, smells divine and what’s more is truly good for your skin.  The products are super on trend, our favorites include New York natural nail polish Ten Over Ten’s black and shimmery gray colors ($18) and Jessa’s smoky eye kit containing the perfect mascara and soft smudgy liner beautifully packaged in a buttery soft leather purse.
Photo Credit: Hazel Kiesewetter


Obsessive Compulsive

lips copyIn 2004 make up artist David Klasfeld created two shades of Lip Balm in his Lower East Side Kitchen. These were break through products because they were able to naturally define lips and yet be undetectable to high-definition video and so his brand, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics was born.

Those extraordinary Lip Balms were named “Lip Tars” and quickly garnered a cult following. His line of products kept developing and two years ago Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics opened a flag-ship store on the Lower East Side.  Not only are the colors and textures of the cosmetic line amazing, they are also 100% Vegan using absolutely no animal-derived ingredients (not even Beeswax).

We love the signature “Lip Tars” which now come in a huge array of colors and we are completely obsessed with their nail polish.  The polish seems to stay on your nails much longer than other brands and the colors are brilliant. At a mere $10 a bottle they may also be the best priced polishes on the market.

Stepping in to the store you get the feeling that you are on to something secret and very New York and with hip and highly trained staff, you’ll walk out with products that are perfect for your complexion.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. 174 Ludlow Street. New York. 10002. Tel: 212 675 2404
store front 2store front 6DSC_0046
In Store photo Credit:  David Phelps

Stand Out Hair

elizabethbanks copyForget all the wonderful gowns on show at Monday night’s Costume Institute Ball, we’ve been checking out the best hair of the night.  Our favorite looks came down to two people, actress Elizbeth Banks and model Miranda Kerr.

We asked Matthew Monzon, the genius behind Elizbeth Bank’s cutting edge modern style, how he came up with the look. “Elizabeth wore an amazing Versace gold chain dress with a custom pair of Brian Atwood Shoes (who was also her date).  With the drama of the outfit, we didn’t want her hair to be too insane, so we tried to downplay it a little bit, but keep the punk effect.  We came up with a cool, sleek ponytail that had a sculptural effect when fused to the head with barrettes in the back.“  Matthew explains how he achieved the look:

  1. Spray a generous amount of a thermal protective shield onto damp hair.  Follow by putting a healthy amount of mousse throughout the hair(Monzon used Davines For Wizards No 3 Universal Mattering Mousse) along with a few pumps of oil on the ends.
  2. Blow dry with a big paddle brush to try to maintain the sleek straightness, avoiding any “bend.”  Add extensions, if desired.  
  3. Create a masculine, sleek square look in the front.  Once the squareness is established, pull hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head.  Do this by first focusing on pulling hair from the nape, then the sides, and lastly the top. Secure with a bungee band and take a 1/4 inch of hair and wrap it around to hide the band.
  4. Use 3x 2 1/2 inch goody barrettes and secure the ponytail at the nape of the neck, holding the ponytail to the head, which gives a good, strong structural shape.

miranda copyWe also loved the sexy soft waves on Miranda Kerr with two small braids at one side making the look super fresh and modern. She wore Michael Kors and attended with his partner.  Miranda’s hair was done by top Australian hairstylist David Keough. “The whole theme is modern punk. Miranda loves the signature style of glamorous, so we stayed along those lines, but infused some rocker by adding two braids on the side, which wrapped around and tucked underneath the nape of the neck.”  David explained how he got the look:

  1. While hair is wet, create a deep side part. Use a quick-setting hard gel throughout the hair to create a solid hold.
  2. On the side opposite the direction of the part, create 2 sections and french braid each section parallel to one another, wrapping them down around the head.  Tapering down to the nape, tie them off and tuck them under the rest of the hair.  
  3. Apply quite a bit of the gel mixed with a mouse throughout the rest of the hair as it creates longevity for keeping the looks. (Mixing the products is a trick Keough likes to use.)
  4. With the remaining unbraided hair, blow dry with a round brush.
  5. Using a 1 inch curling iron, separate and curl large sections.  Pin them up and let hair cool down, while makeup gets done.
  6. Pull the hair out and spray roots with a bit of primer (Keough used Davines For Wizards No. 14 Sea Salt Primer) for a bit of lift and blow dry a touch.
  7. Finish off with hair spray to lock the look in.
The products David Keough and Matthew Monzon used to create these looks can be found at or at Barney’s. 660 Madison Avenue. New York. Tel:212 826 8900

New York Loves the 80s

DSC_0147_2In many of the recent photos we’ve taken in the City, we’ve noticed a trend for the kind of bright lipstick not seen on the streets of New York since the 1980s.  A look we’re dying to try, we asked New York Make Up Artist Angie Parker (fresh from the Marc Jacobs show) to write a guest post on how to wear orange, pink and red lip colors this spring.

SPRING LIPS by Angie Parker

Was it Guy Bourdin who spearheaded the beginning of bright colors worn on the face, or just the natural progression into the eighties movement of the strong and powerful sexy women?  Helmut Newton would always shoot his models with a strong red lip , bold and independent yet alluring at the same time.  Bright colors have often been associated with a vibrant or powerful statement, a women feels confident and in charge with a red lip and equally is giving off that message!
This season the make-up companies have produced a wide array of bold and strong shades of red, orange and pink, providing you with a good choice depending on your outfit and skin tone. This spring be daring and try a bold color, whether daytime or for the evening, here are my tips for wearing strong lip colors:
  • Always have perfect, blemish free skin before attempting a bright colour. If need be use a good concealer or foundation to create flawless skin so the attention is all on your lips.
  • Never try to wear a strong eye and a strong lip together, it’s overkill.
  • Before applying strong lip colors, always be sure to exfoliate ( you can use your toothbrush, or even a cotton bud with make-up remover).  Apply plenty of lip balm and leave for a good 5 mins before wiping off excess and then applying your color.
  • When applying try pouting your lips and then dabbing the color on with your finger, then go back over to slightly smudge the color into the lips with your finger.  This creates a more relaxed and modern way to wear lip color.
  • Always carry a lip balm along with your  color , and then alternate throughout the day/evening to keep your colour looking fresh and soft.
  • Here are some of my favorite brights for spring:
     ‘Heatwave’ semi matte lipstick & ‘413 BLKR’ Velvet Matte Lip pencil both by Nars. Palpitate’ 102  Rouge Allure Lip Color, ‘Extatique’ ’94  Rouge Allure lip color &  ‘ Coromandel’ 98 Rouge lip color all by Chanel,  and ‘Morange ‘ lipstick by Mac.

DSC_0212 DSC_0199 DSC_0112 DSC_0249 DSC_0284 DSC_0086 DSC_0228 P1000307_5

For more make up advice  from Angie Parker you can check out her make up blog, the Make-Up Warrior.