Nick Cave’s Two Amazing Chelsea Shows

DSC_7122Artist Nick Cave never fails to both wow us and move us at the same time with his unique, beautiful and thought-provoking work.  His latest works “Rescue” and “Made For Whites by Whites” spans two gallery spaces at Jack Shainman gallery on 20th and 24th Street respectively.

The 24th Street gallery is full of giant porcelain dogs, the type that are no longer in vogue, surrounded by elaborate dens created by the artist. On 20th Street, the exhibition showcases racially charged vintage objects. This project began when Cave found a container at a flea market shaped like the head of a black man and labeled ‘Spittoon.’ He was shocked and began, “to rehabilitate the problematic loaded object and find a place of reverence and empowerment through reuse”.  He has achieved this objective with great beauty and poise as his work always does.  Both shows close this weekend so if you haven’t seen them yet, run to Chelsea before they end.

Nick Cave. Rescue. Jack Shainman. 524 West 24th Street. NY 10011. Closes 11th October, 2014
Nick Cave. Made by Whites for Whites. Jack Shainman. 513 West 20th Street. NY 10011. Closes 11th October, 2014

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